What do Jan’s clients say about her? Read on!

"What makes Jan a smart choice is:

  • Her overall knowledge of medicine;
    Her empathy with a patient/client's discomfort speaking to medical professionals;
    Her ability to speak knowledgeably with doctors and therefore asking the best questions;
    Her likability.

“I have witnessed all these attributes in action while she helped care for my father during his prostate cancer treatment. As my father was argumentative, she suggested taking a tape recorder during the session with the doctor. That way my father could review, at his ease, the information he wished to confirm.

I can further attest to Jan's overall loving care for the total patient when she helped with my mother after her unfortunate stroke. I have witnessed Jan intervene to procure the best treatment, setting the patient's mind at ease with the confidence Jan shows and the caring exhibited.”                                                          Billé F, OR

"Jan has a tremendous ability to ask the 'right' questions, whether it be concerning a medical or legal matter. She extends her compassion and intelligence in every situation where she is invited. I trust her in every aspect of my life and do not hesitate recommending her.”                                                                                                                        Marva K, OR

"My mother died in 2005 at age 92. Jan Revell helped my mother in many ways, including helping her to make medical decisions and helping her to understand medical language. Jan was a valuable person for my mother's health and welfare in my mother's later years, all the way through her last days in the hospital.

The immediate family, including me, greatly appreciated Jan's steadfastness and dedication in helping to take care of our mother."                                                                                      Robert W, WA